There’s a deal to save the Colorado River — if California doesn’t blow it up

The plan would cut water use on the river by roughly a quarter, drying up farms and subdivisions across the Southwest.

Jake Bittle - 02-01-2023


Electric School Buses Can Fight – or Further — Inequity in the US

Students from low-income and communities of color — ride diesel-powered buses that regularly expose them to toxic fumes....

Elizabeth Moses - 02-01-2023


US Emissions of the World’s Most Potent Greenhouse Gas Are 56 Percent Higher Than EPA Estimates, a New Study Shows

Electric utilities are likely responsible for the nation’s higher than expected emissions of sulfur hexafluoride.

Phil McKenna - 02-01-2023

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Greener School Playgrounds Are An Overlooked Climate Solution

Sustainable playgrounds are not talked about enough.

Nexus Media - 02-01-2023

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One-in-five new cars in California zero-emission in 2022

On Friday the California Energy Commission said 18.8 percent of new cars sold in the state in 2022 were EVs - 01-24-2023

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The Fight Over California’s Ancient Water

It’s legal to drink 10,000-year-old water. But is it right?

Brett Simpson - 01-24-2023


Atmospheric rivers force California to manage floods during drought

California's water management officials are rushing to capture as much runoff as possible from the state's storms

Andrew Freedman & Rebecca Falconer - 01-17-2023

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Heatflation, overshoot, soup throwers: Grist’s picks for words of the year

10 terms and phrases that defined our sweltering climate in 2022.

Kate Yoder - 01-10-2023

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2022 was devastatingly hot. 2023 could be even worse.

Last year was one of the hottest on record, even though a major climate pattern was cooling the Earth.

Dharna Noor - 01-10-2023