Bike to Work Day renamed Bike Anywhere Day, set for May 18

On May 18th, Bike Anywhere Day encourages people throughout San Diego County to consider riding a bicycle to their job

David Garrick - 05-05-2023


States Look to Make Companies Take Responsibility for Hard-to-Recycle Packaging

As plastic piles up, bills that shift the financial cost of recycling to the producers are gaining traction.

Molly Bolan - 05-05-2023


Encinitas Spring Street Fair Returns For Its 38th Year

This is a great opportunity to explore everything that Encinitas’s national award winning Main Street has to offer.

There San Diego - 04-28-2023


Encinitas opens new water pipeline reducing drinking water demand by 27 million gallons per year

The new pipeline involved the construction of approximately 1.4 miles of six-inch diameter recycled water pipeline.

Danamarie McNicholl-Carter - 04-28-2023


Why California's floods may be 'only a taste' of what's to come in a warmer world

As disruptive as this year's events have been, we're nowhere near to a worst-case scenario for California

Ezra David Romero/KQED - 04-11-2023


Cities Nationwide Combat Climate Change With Urban Forests

Leaders in many communities now consider trees to be critical infrastructure

Alex Brown - 04-11-2023


Low-carbon materials eligible for climate resilience, disaster recovery funding: FEMA

Communities and states that want to use low-carbon materials to prepare for disaster are receiving a funding boost

Ysabelle Kempe - 04-11-2023


5 habits to build a sustainable future — without breaking the bank

It’s not only possible to make a difference with our individual decisions — it is vital.

Sarah Shemkus - 04-11-2023


“Curated” climate data, grant assistance can help cities address EJ and climate change concerns

The EPA’s EJ mapping and screening tool helps governments target outreach to overburdened and underserved communities

Stephenie Overman - 04-06-2023