Commercial Food Waste Resource Guide

For every meal served the average restaurant wastes half a pound of food. In the landfill, this waste releases potent greenhouse gasses contributing to climate change, on top of the wasted labor, resources, land and energy that went into producing and distributing that food.

The City of Encinitas has created a guide for businesses and commercial kitchens designed to help you reduce food waste, rescue edible food and make you aware of the existing and upcoming laws around food waste.

Through these simple waste reduction practices covered in the guide, your business can save money and contribute to the health and resilience of our community and planet:

  1. EXAMINE - Start by examining and tracking your waste
  2. PREVENT - Implement food waste prevention recommendations
  3. RESCUE - Implement an edible food recovery program
  4. RECYCLE - Set up organics recycling service

Download the free guide from the City webpage to learn more about how to save money while creating a positive image for your business and feeding those in need.