Results: Survey on Climate and Waste

Local businesses and members of the community play an essential role in the City’s Climate Action Plan. By engaging in sustainable actions, residents contribute to the ambitious City-wide targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and waste.

In February of 2020, the City of Encinitas conducted a survey, gathering information on community members’ opinions on climate change and waste issues.  We asked how the City can more effectively make residents aware of sustainability resources available to them.

First, we would like to thank those who took the time to complete the survey. Your responses are invaluable.  They help guide the City in better addressing these issues and make the community a healthier, more sustainable place to live.

The survey found that Encinitas residents believe climate change and waste issues are of high importance.

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To reduce impacts on climate change, here is what Encinitas residents are doing:

  • Composting, recycling, and/or practicing zero waste (80% of survey respondents)
  • Installing energy efficient home upgrades (77%)
  • Practicing water conservation (67%)
  • Installing solar panels (9%)

To reduce waste, here is what Encinitas residents are doing:

  • Using reusable products (84%)
  • Buying less or buying conscientiously (70%)
  • Reducing food waste (70%)
  • Composting (52%)
  • Buying used goods (53%)

The City also asked where residents are getting the majority of their information on climate change and waste issues. Only 1 out of 5 respondents said they use the City of Encinitas website for this type of information.  

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How the City Plans to Improve

Respondents indicated they were only “Somewhat Aware” (average score of 2.7/5) of the resources the City of Encinitas provides to aid community members in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and waste.

The City plans to make this information more accessible to residents on how the City can support them in their efforts to reduce GHG emissions and waste. Examples of these resources include:

  • Compost bin subsidies from the Solana Center
  • Free sustainability workshops from I Love a Clean San Diego
  • Electric leaf blower rebate program

Furthermore, based on the survey results, the City will focus communication on what matters most to residents. This includes:

  • Proper recycling information
  • Community Choice Energy
  • EDCO Organics Recycling Program (coming in 2021)
  • City projects that increase safe walking and biking

Lastly, as requested by survey respondents, the City will work to increase accessibility of information via email and continue to partner and promote sustainability workshops with I Love a Clean San Diego.

Thank you again to those who participated in the survey. Stay green Encinitas!