Save the Food

Preventing waste in the kitchen can be fun and easy! The City of Encinitas collaborated with Save the Food to gather some tips on using up all parts of your food and prevent any excess from going to the landfill.

  1. Cook from root to tip. There are many ways to use all parts of a vegetable or animal. Try collecting and freezing vegetable skins such as onion and garlic or save animal bones to use in stock. 
  2. Savor the flavor. Freeze herbs when they’re fresh in the garden to use all year-round! 
  3. Get creative and resourceful! There are many ways to use food in ways that may not be the standard to prevent waste. Try using stale bread as breadcrumbs or the pulp leftover from juicing fruits and vegetables to make brownies, cookies, or crackers. Check Pinterest for more ideas! 

 Download Save the Food resources from our webpage such as how to properly store food based on the type and season, decipher date labels and even a printable meal planning worksheet.