Elementary Schools Save Pumpkins from the Landfill

During the third annual pumpkin composting event, students and their families across Encinitas saved 377 Jack-o'-lanterns from the landfill! Composting has many environmental benefits including creating a healthy amendment for the soil and reducing greenhouse gases in our atmosphere. This year’s event prevented 2.03 metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent (MTCO2e) from entering the atmosphere, which is equivalent to burning 229 gallons of gasoline. A big thanks from the City of Encinitas, BCK Programs, EUSD Farm Lab, and the Ecology Center to everyone who participated!

Looking for more opportunities to reduce your environmental footprint? Check out composting resources from Solana Center. In 2021, EDCO will allow Encinitas residents to dispose of their food scraps and green waste in the green roll-out carts. Subscribe to the Encinitas Environment Newsletter or visit the City’s Trash and Recycling webpage to see updates on the program.